Paronoia and memory loss

can paronoia be caused by meds,and if so how can we try and resolve it?also memory loss can exercise help with these maters as well:smile:
I think that paranoia can certainly be caused by some PD meds although of course they may not be the only cause. If they are suspected to be a causal factor, the only solution that I know of is to decrease the dosage or withdraw the medication (& replace it with an alternative) under medical supervision.

I will get back to you about memory. I need to lie down!
Memory is not like a muscle that you can exercise to keep it in trim. It is a way of organising information in the brain.A lot of people believe that using the brain (reading, discussing, puzzles etc) stimulates that organising ability. And many believe physical activity helps, by getting more oxygen to the brain. Personally, I think neiher will do any harm, can be fun and make you feel better. I have heard that memory problems can be delayed & even slowed down by both mind & body exercises. Also diet. I do not know if they can be reversed
I find the subject of memory interesting , will do some research & let you know