Partner coping with your PD

How does your partner cope with your P D.?

Hi Barbara, haven’t really asked Brian that question until tonight, and he said he just copes with it, he says he understands what ;I’m going through but doesn’t smother me and lets me do my own thing but he will always be there when I need the help and support, it’s difficult at times and needs some respite so he goes fishing to help him relax, and I have my bit of me time when he goes, How do you and your hubby cope with the problems you both have, I can imagine you have a very strong marriage

Love sheffy xx

Hi Sheila. Hopefully this finds you okay.

I thought lots of people might have put something on. But alas just you and I

We have been married for 39 years this August.
I would say that yes We have a strong marriage.

Phil has been great since I’ve had PD which his 5byears.

I felt I had to reply, because it is important to find out just what your partner thinks because they must feel the strain as well as we do. We’ve been married 46 years gone June, met when I was sweet 17, we married when I had just turned 20. It is so sad to read how Parkinsons splits up so many marraiges, and I always believed the wedding vows were meant to be kept ‘in sickness and in health’

Here’s to many more years :hugs::hugs:

sheffy xx

Hi Babs and Sheffy,
Its a good question. My husband (21 years in August) follows my lead, in that if im good hes good. As long as he sees me active he relaxes. He sets off to the golf course to unwind. Id rather he got out and about while he can. Who knows whats ahead. He’s a good support but like all couples we have our ups and downs.

Hi all

Well my house life is up In the air and my poor husband has to deal with not only me but my two autistic children. Don’t take me wrong I help but he has now to do all , shopping financing and booking anything, appointments are beaver ending, I used to do the kids things as he did some of the rest but now I have to weight until he is with me to take kids away, meeting and everything on top. When I first got diagnosed He found it very hard as he kept saying no they have it wrong, But one thing like us to show us is ways to carry on and just get on with it. But time to time we get a chance to reflect on what we have been though and what we done. Everything has made us stronger as we have been though it as a pair, but now it seems like we are going away from other. Even we both try to remain positive and as a couple, with me not sleeping and all the other issues it seems like he is going ahead and as much as I feel it he says this to me. We have started going walking together in the day time as this is only our time away from kids. So this is me and the best soul mate I could ask for so please , take out time just to think and ask the other half what they think and feel as it’s so important.

Kind regards Raz

Hi Babs

My wife Alison was diagnosed with PD 4 months ago. We had been aware that there was something wrong for about 18 months and originally she had tests to rule out MND (Very frightening) and MS. We are coping together as best we can. Our children are 22 and 16 and we worry about them and the impact this will have on them. From my point of view my day is completely dependent on how Alison feels. If she is having a good day then I feel it’s not so bad but if she is having a bad day then it tears me apart. I guess we cope as best we can. Not sure what the future holds but were getting by and enjoying our lives as much as possible.

Kind regards