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Hello everyone. My partner aged 55 was diagnosed just last week. His father also had Parkinson's. It's been a shock because the tremor in his right hand is an action tremor so I was just thinking he had an essential tremor. It turns out the very fast right foot shaking that he does is also a tremor and we both thought it was just a bad habit because he can stop it once he realises he's doing it. It starts up again as soon as he stops focussing on it though. Neurologist also noticed a slowness about his movements and he's been recently diagnosed with depression.

The neurologist gave him some medication but told him it is up to him if he wants to start taking it yet. He also gave him a form for an MRI scan and now I'm terrified he might have a brain tumor and not Parkinson's. Does anyone know how often a brain Timor is misdiagnosed as Parkinson's? He can't get in for a scan for another month.

I'm so worried he will die or become debilated before our boys (age 4 and 8) grow up. We were told that diet and exercise can't slow the progression but we have a very healthy lifestyle and he's a fit man for his age so surely that will help to keep him healthier?


sorry for rambling. I have so many questions. Thanks for listening.




Much of our body shakes or tremors externally and internally too, i often catch sight of my toes tremor'in if im not wearing socks and i feel my face doing it too at times as well as my fingers hands doing jazz hands.

A MRI is pretty standard fare, lots of us have one as others will tell you, along the process of diagnosis usually before an actual diagnosis is given and arranged by the Neuro rather than the patient, i'm sure if there any real concern's about a tumour from the Neuro it would of been done most urgently.

Diet & exercise will keep him healthy but stress makes things like tremor and fatigue worse, Parkinsons is something we live with a long time rather than something we die from. perfectly normal to rant :)

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Hi my brother has been booked for an MRI scan next month. He has not been fully diagnosed with parkinson but the last doctor said it was likely. I guess the MRI is done to rule anything else out ...
Hi, I had an MRI scan before being diagnosed in May. Everyone has similar symptoms but at different times I think. It's a scary time for the whole family. It's understandable that you're afraid for the future and how this affects your family. I find my right side is affected and although I don't have an obvious tremor, it does get worse when tired or cold. Exercise is the main thing to keep up and as your husband is already fit, he's ahead of the game. Hope you get results quick so you can get on with things. DivineR

mine is a motion tremor, quite similar to your husbands, confirmed parkinson's through datscan a few months ago, the meds have really helped me