Partying with parkinson's

I am 45 and have had PD for about 10 years. I have been on sinemet for a year and a half and have recently started taking azilect. Occasionally I still like to have a social life but as I can't drink (it makes my symptoms worse) I find it hard to get in the party mood. Also my meds wear off at about 11, I do occasionally take one more sinemet if I'm staying up late. I just wonder what any of you do if you go out to a club or party or have you all given up on such things?

Hi Trixiedee,

Your lack of enthusiasm for partying sounds very similar to mine. I went from social drinker to stay-at-home quite quickly once my symptoms became really noticable. There is nothing like the words "Buffet included" to dampen the heart of anyone with PD, as the thought of juggling plate, drink and food whilst fighting the tremor are just not worth the effort or public humiliation.
Equally, if one sits at the table whilst the O/H gets a plateful on your behalf, you have to run the gauntlet of either the well meaning comment ("Not feeling to well and not eating then?")or the 'knowing look' of those who think the O/H is your personal slave who panders to you because you are to high and mighty to queue with the plebs for you food.

I think it is universally accepted thst alcohol will bring out the worst in your symptoms, but that stands to reason if you mix intoxicants with neurological disorders (although there is an interesting thread on cannabis and ecstacy and a relief of symptoms on the forum somewhere !!).

As far as the late nights go, if our sinamet is wearing off and not getting you through the night you might ask your G.P. or neuro about Madopar Controlled release (C.R. for short). You can take this at bed-time and it is slowly released as you sleep. Sometimes it can give me up to 6 hours sleep.

As with any advice on this forum, this is based on my personal experience. I am not a medical person and what works for me may not work for you. Do your research and ask around.


007 (shaking but not stirred).
Hi I totally agree with both your comments, a party invite brings thoughts of dread and don`t even mention the word buffet! never the less i refuse to give up every morsel of my old life before pd and still indulge in a drink or two.I must admit alcohol affects my symptoms but it also gives me the courage to carry on and lead as normal a life as i can. I just wish i could dance like i used to! but hey ho i can still walk and get around, i`ve just got back from holiday which did me a world of good so life with pd for now isn`t to bad (this is a good week) - nobody knows what tomorrow will bring!

Big C