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Hi, hope some people can give some guidance. My Dad has just had the first checklist to advise he can go to the next stage for DST as he has triggered. The hospital are looking at discharging him to a nursing home before it has been decided if he is eligible for CHC funding. Who is responsible to pay for his care before the final decision is made. Is it NHS or does it have to be self funded? Social Services have asked about doing a means test but my understanding is we don’t have to give them info until CHC has been made? Any help appreciated as I’ve read NHS are responsible until CHC is decided. It’s more difficult and possibly more likely to be delays in DST being completed once discharged before this is completed? Cat xx

I meant to say my Dad has Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Dementia which can be very variable

Hi Cat,
Welcome to the community. You may find it worth calling our Helpline on 0808 800 0303 for advice about this. They’ll be glad to talk you through the process and advise about any other support you and your dad may need. There’s also a page with useful tips and links here:

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The HHS is legally bound to pay for care until the decision re CHC is made.
They are not allowed to ask about finances until after the decision.
Use this site to help you…
Good luck!

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