Paying for qualifications

Hi all ,

After 5yrs on ESA , I never stopped looking for a job. I was a watch manager in the Fire service and always believed i had something left to give . Well , I recently found a job as a Volunteer Coordinator for a local carers charity. I am looking to do a qualification in Volunteer Management but it will cost £1800 which I can't afford and I know my employer wouldn't be able to either. Does anyone out there know of an way that a 50yrs old ex-firefighter with Parkinsons who has just gone back to work , could find the money to pay for a Level 5 VRQ to help him more secure in his new career ?



I dont know of a way, but there must be one way of getting a grant or support to train?.

the Parkinsons help line above might be a starting point?. or advice from a local support worker?.

a couple of links that might be helpful? to find funding/support.