PD and a catheter too!

My husband's now got a catheter - since July - due to an enlarged prostate.  He's been told that prostate surgery will be pretty pointless as due to PD, he will be highly likely to be incontinent after it.  So a 'suprapubic' catheter is recommended.  which would mean an end to the soreness, discomfort, restricted mobility and recurrent infections with the more conventional kind.  Staring a lifetime of catheter bags in the face.  And lonely.  And frankly, sick to death of discussing leg straps and catheter bags and soreness and the total, total lack of life we have at the mo.  He had been going to the gym regularly, doing the shopping, gardening, occasional (albeit short) walks, just enjoying life.  Now he's not enjoying anything because he's constantly uncomfortable and frequently sore.  It's his birthday next week and I don't think he even wants to celebrate it.

Rant nearly done;  just feeling rather rubbish and because of PD he forgets about how I feel.  I don't blame him, it must be awful.

End of rant.

Rant on Giffy, as much as you need to. One thing that we all CAN do on here is listen.

Hope you will get some support on this.

Too tired now to write more, but thinking of you!


Hi Giffy, 

I'm really sorry to hear about what you've both been going through, it does sound really difficult. Have you been able to talk to any friends or family about how you're both feeling? It sounds like the new catheter might solve a few of the problems your husband has been having, so I hope that things start to improve for you both really soon. Keep us updated. 

We do have a booklet that offers advice on looking after your bladder and bowels, you can download it here - you may find it useful. 



Have they not offered an alternative before a permanent catheter?

A friend of ours who has an enlarged prostate is on medication as a first option.


Hi Benji - he was prescribed medication but it hasn't worked sufficiently well for the catheter to be removed permanently.  So now we wait some more.  Have always found the NHS to be wonderful but we can't put up with this much longer. Theoretically, it will have been this way for nearly 12 months by the time the NHS get to his turn.   And no, can't talk to friends and family about it - they have their own problems and who wants to talk about catheters and bags and urine....

Dear Giffy, My Husband is the one diagnoised with PD and is a new member to this "club"...when I read the things that this disease can bring it really scares me as he is only 59.It is such an alwful and unpredictable disease and every day seems to be different.I hope your Husband gets the care and help he deserves... I understand your comment about friends being helpful..when I told my friends what was going on,they all said dont forget if you need anything just ask.....how can I ask for anything when they tell me constantly how busy they are etc...if they need someone to off load their problems they are on the phone to me straight away, or if we meet for coffee I probably listen to them for most of our time together...then just as we are leaving I am asked how things are! After listening to their problems how can I posssibly tell them how I am? I always say oh were ok thankyou........people just seem to forget the big P is with us now! Is it ignorance on their part as they dont know really what PD is? I dont know? But I do know that you certainly learn who your true friends are......good luck to you both and hope things get sorted soon. Take care x