PD and a Hard Choice

I find myself 57, and with the PD has come a really difficult situation..My PD has taken a huge toll on my life my family and everyone around me. And as the symptoms have increased in the last 3 yrs.. meds control them well enough for now...except when i am in stressful situations and then i literally go to pieces. I have been married to the same person 35 yrs and  she has issues with depression and verbal and physical outbursts directled at me and other adult family members..Worse is counseling and therapy hasnt helped control or avoid any of it ....Question to forum? Given your progressive PD, in similar circumstance if you believed as well as others that your health was being impacted..would you/could you/should you... leave the situation to be in a more compassionate environment and with a person more compassionate and understanding regarding PD and your general health and welfare..? Or stay and start to circle the drain...

I left much out...to avoid over-sharing, and I feel so guilty and quite sad ,even afraid asking for advice..im miserable..  need a lifeline....i know it...and found one...SO NOW WHAT?

PS...no not new or impulsive behavior..knew 5 yrs ago before the PD and before meds..should have faced it then and not now...Help Forum-ers

I feel for you and your situation. I have no great answer for you but don't factor in the PD in your decision. What would you do if you hadn't got PD. It sounds like your health is not the issue. If you feel you've done everything you can to help your partner and can leave without guilt. Well maybe your mind is made up. DivineR

Thanks mate, Appreciate you response and that you did so without calling me a total nit...i am swimming in de-nile and going under but in some form think my survival instinct is over ridding my sense of commitment and loyalty and my panic is rooted in my inability to control the course of my PD or effect a change in behavior. It appears we are both doing battle seperately..but not as one unified team. I've always been there in the past but i think that is called an enabler..or am i just co-dependant...Not sure i need to know...

Maybe you have to separate yourself from the situation for a while to clear your thoughts. Who knows you could find that there's still something to fight for. Good luck. I guess you're the only one to make any decisions as then you have no one else to blame. Sometimes you have to go through alot of confusion to get to the clarity. DivineR