PD and contact with TCE Genklene / Inhibisol


Hi My name is Keith aged 59
i was diagnosed with PD 9 months ago and have been researching the connection with PD and TCE Trycoethelene Decreasing solvents eg Genklene / Inhibisol which i used at Cummins Diesel engines ltd in Daventry.
Its well documented now the 6 to 10 fold increase after exposure even 40 yrs later.and cases have been successful in regard to compensation
I would be interested in any ex employees or any people who have been exposed to TCE
.I have a union instructed solicitor working on the case and could be of mutual advantage


Hi Trailer man
I was suspected of having pd 3 years ago but it has been ruled out after a clear datscan
And now it’s suspected to be FND but my neurologist when I asked what is his diagnosis he said " I don’t know" he has now sent me to a second neurologist who can’t find a depression link to FND .
I have a severe distractible tremor in my right leg when standing still and my left hand cannot close and now my right hand is going the same way however I don’t have the classic symptoms like loss of smell and have noticed I do have a strange odour even after showering.
40 years ago I was in the building trade renovating housing and using copious amounts of Evo stick solvent to clean dry glue from worktops, baths etc .
I find your post very interesting and wondered if this is one of solvents you speak of.
I’m still waiting for a definitive diagnosis and am sorry to hear of your own situation.


hello share your concerns google woods V mod


Good evening trailerman,121
I have had Parkinsons diagnosed over 9 years ago at 64 years of age.
Oh yes…
I have been exposed to Trichlor in my working life as a industrial chemist and later in my academic teaching/research career working in chemical labs. My industrial exposure was in a Technical support lab. problem solving faulty high temp. hammer finishing paints. We used to heat up a 8ft long bath with ca. 30cm deep of trichlor with a badly fitting lid, to degreece painted steel plates placed above the surface. for reuse. After cooling down the cleansed plates were removed, …but it never was, and difficult not to inhale vapour.
Then in my academic UNI career I used Trichlor, CS2, TOLUENE, XYLENE, BENZENE, AND PESTICIDES ETC… almost daily. Until I retired. I was diagnosed before I retired.
A CLASSIC EXMPLE of unavoidable solvent abuse.