PD and DVT

I have had pd for just over 9 years, aged 68, take Stalevo (daily total around 600 mg), plus two 8mg doses of Requip XL and 500 micrograms Cronazepam..

A couple of weeks ago, having observed swelling of my right calf, I had a scan which apparently revealed a "tiny" (in the words of the scan technician) blood clot in the calf of the right leg.

The aim of resulting dvt treatment is to get the INR (International Normalised Ratio) between 2 and 3. I had a blood test immediately which showed my INR to be 1.0. I was told it usually takes a few days to arrive at the correct dose of warfarin and until this was right I'd have to inject heparin into my belly each day. I started off with 2.5 mg warfarin and this interfered badly with my pd drugs - I was becoming frozen at unusual times. Saw my specialist (at enormous cost) and he confirmed that warfarin would interfere but had no solution apart from increasing the pd drug.

Yesterday my INR was all the way up to 1.3 and I've had to increase my intake of Stalevo to cope with the freezing. I am currently on 10 mg warfarin plus the delightful self-administered daily injection. With the prospect of tight-fitting support hosiery looming ("you'll have to wear them for two years") I pointed out to the nurse I've had a reasonable innings and nobody goes on forever!

Seriously,this treatment seems crude with major drugs battling in my body. Also the level of warfarin seems high and the only solution they have is to increase. How accurate are the scans - the technician claimed he very nearly missed mine, it was so tiny.

Any feedback very, very much appreciated.

I thought pd alone was bad enough!