Pd and Glaucoma. Suitable medication?


Currently only on Azilect once per day but looking ahead I am concerned re medications that clash with my glaucoma. Anyone else with this double whammy and how are you getting on with medication?



We have a marvellous chemist who always checks prescriptions to see if they "clash" and has alerted us to  possible problems recently with a new med

You could ask your chemist as most offer this service.

Hope that helps.




Thanks GG. I do always check but was probably just starting to think ahead of things to come. Probably better to not jump ahead of things.


yeh i have glaucoma as well as pd, take sinemet and eye drops twice a day & one drop at night ,azarga /xalatan.all ok


Hi Gus

that's good to hear because I thought Sinamet didn't go with glaucoma.  Have you had PD long? I currently don't have to take drops as I have had surgery on both eyes and pressures  are around 10. Unfortunately I now have macular edema (fluid) and have had several needles which seem to be working. 

Best wishes Libby


yeh had pd since 34yr making it 9yrs but they reckon had pd for 5 yr before dx total 14yrs  .had glaucoma 6yrs all under control .also  had dbs for pd much better now.


Hi all.

I was diagnosed with acute glaucoma about 28 years ago.     I went to the hospital to find out what was going on and they kept me in and after three days, operated on one eye.   The second operation, on the other eye, was done a few weeks later at the Bushey BUPA hospital but I have to say the NHS hospital was far better  because I was on a specialist ward and they knew what they were doing but the private hospital didn't have such a facility and they were general nurses.  After a little while, I stopped using the eye drops and had my pressures checked regularly.  About four years ago, I had cataracts on both eyes and had two operations to remove them then last year, I had a cloudy substance growing over them and this was treated with laser surgery.  

About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which caused me to have a few embarrassing experiences but also very painful.   I'm pleased to say, it's been in remission for several years and hope it stays that way.

My Parkinsons was diagnosed 16 years ago



"My Parkinsons was diagnosed 16 years ago".     This is where I pressed the wrong button and couldn't retrieve my message!!!!!

At this time, doctors were prescribing different medications for me but the leaflet that is found in the box always said that the medications were contra-indicating each other but when I questioned this with the  doctors, they told me to stop reading the leaflets!!  Probably the most sensible thing to do.


they reckon alot of people suffer with eye problems with pd,do you think this is because we don't blink as much ! also dry eyes..


Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions.  It puts my "active" mind at rest re pd medications and glaucoma. I do think my eyes need drops more regularly for dry eyes these days Gus.