Pd and long distance walking

Hi, does any one out there with pd for more than 4/5 years walk 10-20 or more miles on a fairly regular basis? I’ve had pd 7 years and symptoms for 12.
I walk 5/6 miles regularly across rough terrain and am aiming to get up to 10/15 miles by spring.
I do very physical work as a gardener aswell.
I find that after strenuous walking I seem to stimulate more natural dopamine which makes meds work well.
Hard walking, l believe creates new cells in the brain (not dopamine cells) that if you keep exercising had can help preserve remaining dopamine cells.



John Pepper has always been an advocate for fast walking he’s even written a book about it. If Baz hasn’t been able to get out on the bike or play tennis he finds a long brisk walk or a session in the garden more than helps so your observations seem to bear that out too.Whilst he finds he must keep going till he drops he accepts that it’s important to rest as well but finds that very difficult! What we have found recently is going to bed earlier he does sleep a little longer and a bit better. We Rarely went to bed b4 midnight ,but on the occasions we go before 10.30 now he definitely sleeps better still wakes the same time but has a more restful sleep.

Hi, I have also read about John Pepper, and was interested in his fast walking without meds. And regarding fast walking, how many pd consultants suggest a walking plan when giving a diagnoses, probably to few. In my case, when I was dignosed it was given in such a depressing and negative way it’s no wonder many people deteriorate faster than they should . Indeed, if started early, fast walking or any other vigorous activity is highly recommended to slow progression.

Hi, I’ve had a diagnosis for 4+ years and am a great believer in excercise for improving motor and non-motor symptoms. I walked the Coast to Coast route in 2017 when my motor symptoms were easily manageable. More recently I did the Hadrian’s Wall walk in May: I had more issues to deal with but found that my medication worked better as the week continued and I felt good for a week after. I plan to walk part of the pilgrimage route in northern Spain called The Camino, in May next year. I used both walks to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.
I also cycle several times a week, either on a stationary bike or out on the road. I have to pay careful attention to my medication when riding on the road as I sometimes have balance issues, but I can still average 16-17 mph for up to 1 hour 40 minutes.
I recently attended a talk by an Italian neurologist called Nicola Modugno who advocates a varied excercise regime including swimming, running, dancing, theatre and meditation which he maintains, promotes neuro-plasticity which in turn improves motor/non-motor symptoms and general well-being. I intend setting myself physical and mental challenges as long as possible as I am sure that this helps slow progression: what’s more it’s fun and we all need that!

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Thanks for this post @IncurableOptimist, I have been very recently diagnosed and have chosen not to start with medication right away as my symptoms aren’t too impacting just now and I did have a few concerns about side effects, dyskinesis and so on, considering I’m only 40. I’m not going to be silly, I’ll pay attention to any signs, but I have read a fair bit about exercise and diet being helpful.
I’m a weekly runner, I get on the bike fairly regularly and I decided to give pilates a go this week.
I can be a bit of a ‘fair-weather’ runner, but that’s not really an option. Discipline is now key.
All the best,