PD and TBI

Hi all. New here. My husband recently diagnosed with PD, having already had a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2014. I dont think he is fully grasping this PD diagnosis and insists nothing wrong wonder if anyone else has had to deal with this double whammy. Thanks

Hi and welcome to our forum, @Kal56. You’ll find everyone here very supportive and friendly. Someone will be along shortly to say hello and share their experience, I’m sure.

It’s never easy to hear a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Some people feel overwhelmed and it sounds like your husband is having difficulty coming to terms with what his doctor has told him. It may just be a matter of some time passing or his symptoms worsening before he can accept it.

This page here: Newly diagnosed with Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK may be helpful. I’d also advise talking to your husband’s doctor to see what they might advise. Our Helpline advisers may be able to make other suggestions. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.

I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. This has been a shock to you too and being a carer is a big job. Are you taking care of yourself? It’s really important to find time for this: You’ll find advice here: Caring for someone with Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK.

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