PD and thyroid problems

Hi! I’ve had PD for 6 years. I had a hemithyroidectomy in April 21 because of uncertainty about malignancy of a nodule. It was benign.
Recent thyroid function tests in early morning ,with no PD meds or food in me show that my TSH stimulating hormone level is 4.35 (just under the 4.78 upper end of the range) and my Free T4 level is 13.5 (range 10 to 20) and Free T3 IS 4.7 ( range 3.5 to6.5) my vitamin D level is 72( range 76 to 250) - described as borderline insufficient.
I’ve read about dopamine deficiency in hypothalamus in PD can impact on release of hormone triggers ad also that levodopa can reduce TSH levels.
I don’t know where to go next. Should I see an endocrinologist before I go back to my neurologist.? Has anyone had thyroid and PD issues? Would love to hear from you.

Hi @Superstig
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Sorry to hear about the situation going through at the moment.
I would say you have to be reviewed by the endocrinologist. Do you have any symptoms related to thyroid problems? How is your calcium levels?

I have low vitamin D and I am on tablets. My TSH levels are playing up . I have been symptomatic as well. So acute medicine team started me on tablets after discussing with endocrine team. I suppose to have an appointment last week with endocrinologist but unfortunately it got cancelled ( After a 6 months wait).
I have been diagnosed with PD nearly two years ago until 2020 November I was alright after that one by one things started to appear. But not giving up. Positivity is the good healer.

There is studies shows that neuroendocrine interactions and also Parkinson medications can have effect on TSH levels.
I don’t know this is helpful for you. I would suggest to be reviewed by the endocrinologist as well. Hope everything gets sorted soon.
Take care.

i am sorry I do not know much about this to help you. just wanted to say hello and hope you get answers soon
Esme x