PD arthritic hip

Not sure which forum I should be posting this on but here goes.

I have had diagnosed PD for three years now. I have now been advised either to have hip injection for Right hip arthritis or operation to replace hip. Anybody have any experience of operation while having PD.


I had an ultrasound guided steroid injection to my painful right hip for mild degenerative changes/ trochanteric bursitis a year ago, lasting 14 months.  Sadly, the pain returned a week before I flew to North America for 4 weeks holiday.  As I didn't have time to visit my GP, I continued taking my Sinemet 3 times a day, Coenzyme Q10, and started taking coconut oil with my breakfast.  I have also been doing Qi Gong exercise since diagnosed with PD 18 months ago.  Pleased to say, the pain seems to be easing off without arthritic/anti inflammatory medication.