PD audio documentary podcast to listen to

I listen to audio podcasts and I wanted to tell you about a particular episode which features someone with PD. I found it very enlightening, if a bit scary to be honest.

The podcast is one of a series from the BBC called The Untold, broadcast on Radio 4. These documentaries follow people through a short but difficult period of their lives. It shows their decision making process as they find their way though their problems.

In this episode we meet Hazel who has come to retirement age but simply doesn’t want to retire yet, she feels she has still so much to give and she enjoys her work. Her husband, Phil, is diagnosed with PD. Over the period of a few months we follow the couple as she comes to a decision about work and Phil’s disease progresses, until…well, I will let you listen to the 30 minute podcast to find out what happens.

Episodes of The Untold are often excellent and this one really hit home for me, in fact as a PD sufferer I found it quite uncomfortable at times.

Download/listen here:

Thanks - I’ve downloded it to listen to later. I didn’t know about The Untold - lots of intetesting episodes.

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I’ve just listened to this and had to hold back the tears. Uncomfortable listening yes as so close to home but an amazingly honest account. Thank you again for posting the link - some of the other podcasts look interesting too.

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You’re welcome @Mountainair, glad you found it interesting.