PD Diary 2013...may be of use?

I was going to create a diary for my husband so that we can keep track of meds etc and was browsing the internet for a template and came across this http://www.parkinsonsdaybyday.net/ It is a complete years diary and has been created by a man in Australia who has PD together with his wife. You can download this diary for just over £8 and either save it to your computer or print it off as I have done. It seems they have thought of everthing. It is full of useful activities and tips to help with the PD and you are able to record how you feel on a day by day basis along with meds, food etc. It is written in a very positive way and looks easy to fill out. I have printed ours off ( although it took quite a bit of paper) and put it in a folder. The idea being that we can take it to hospital/neurologist appointments and they will be able to see at a glance what is going on. The profits go to Parkinsons Research. Hoping that others may find this useful too.

Surprised no one has thought of this before. Perhaps Parkinsons UK could come up with their own version.

I agree, not only would it help members on a daily basis to keep track of things but would raise some funds. I am going to show a copy to the PD nurse as well as I think it could be something she could pass on too. I also think it will encourage my husband to take some ownership of his condition and treatment regime; he has lost a lot of confidence and needs a focus.

I use the google calendar for keeping my appointments up to date. Setting an appointment also provides the ability to define reminders - I set my reminders to be 24 hours so that I get a reminder email a day before.

Using google calendar also means that other people could access your calendar, either in read-only mode or with full edit rights. And as it uses a standard browser there's no software to install. It's also free - you just set up a google email address (free) to use the calendar functionality.

Hi, I keep a diary for my dad and all his symptoms and meds. Its great for when someone else comes in to care for him as everyone works off the same notes and everyone is kept up to date with any new developments. Its also great when its time to see his doctor as i can just hand over my notes or read off them as it is sooooooo hard to try to remember everything that happens in between appointments. Its also great for remember which meds he has tried and what effect they had so you know why not to go back on them again... Definately a must for people with PD and carers