PD exercise using a WII

Good afternoon fellow patients,


Has anyone experience using a WII for exercise after being diagnosed with parkinsons?




PD UK did a whole project on the benefits of the Wii - it might be ongoing for all I know.  Lots of PWP's do find it useful. 

Because of the publicity about the good results among PD sufferers all support Groups and branches received a basic WIi pack to be made available (so they can try it at home) to members of these groups on a monthly basis. I think Nintendo donated these. Groups can also use them at their meetings, of course. and the length of time someone borrows it, could be extended depending on demand.

Hi everyone,

Our research project 'Nintendo Wii: Moving and balance in Parkinson's' led by Professor Cathy Craig, Queen's University Belfast has now come to an end but you can read the results of the project on our website here - http://bit.ly/1rBM5wJ

There are also lots of tips about exercise and using the Wii for people with Parkinson's available here - http://bit.ly/1iIMoFL

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The Research Team

Hi Maria,

I can highly recommend the Wii.

I regulary use Wii FIT PLUS but spend many hours a week playing Wii SPORTS and Wii SPORTS RESORT.

They really help me with my rigidity and depression.

Don`t forget to exercise those little grey cells too - I find Wii BIG BRAIN ACADEMY and Wii MENSA ACADEMY

help keep me mentally active.

I firmly believe that regular exercise has had a profound effect on delaying the progression of my Parkinsons symptoms.






I keep embroidering for the grey cells and i am still working full time too. I hope with daily exercise i can slow down the whole process. Luckily i dont suffer from depression. maybe because i learned long time ago already to live with type 1 diabetes

Hi all 

it has been a long time since I have written on this post but I wanted to coment on the question about the Wii..I was diagnosed in 2010 with PD and have virtually used the Wii twice a day since then. It helps with my balance and when I complete things it gives me a sense of achievement. And it is also good fun.I would not be without it.

I have been using the wii now for a month and love it and you can actually see improvement on the balancing side. The only thing that remains is that the point of gravidity is to the left. In some excercises i am completely lousy like the goalkeeper preventing the balls go in the net and hoola hup but who cares, its moving and thats what matters

The Wii is excellent but Conductive Education is fab for our condition.


I use the Wii to help my balance.  I find it incredibly useful and it also boosts my morale when I manage to beat my 21 year old son to the top of the leader board with various tasks.

Anything that helps keep us active has to be a good thing and its also a lot of fun.  Very addictive though - I can often be found in the early hours of the morning desperately trying to find my way back to the top of the scores.  I keep telling myself that each attempt will be the last one and I must go to bed, but a little gremlin keeps stopping me from selecting the "Quit" option.


I think the wii fit board is great and exercise is one of our best medicines! I keep active on my bike and with tai chi and some exercises at home .However I have now joined up with some fellow pwp's to do boxing training which is taking my fitness up rapidly .We now have instruction from former professional and middle weight champion John Thaxton who has designed a programme that utilises boxing combinations ( non contact or at least only to pads ) to create multiple limb movements aiding speed and co-ordination .Some of our members have noticed balance improvements and no longer need walking aids ,our group is mixed in age from young onset pwp to pwp's in their 70's,some over 10 years into diagnosis and some with DBS . We have even made it on TV news several times,as well as newspapers and local radio !!

Ill leave the boxing to you;) i love my wii and me too can be found early in the morning as it is the best way to exercise. I tried it out without taking the PD first and i was a disaster. It shows how much the medication is working.I couldnt live without it.

Hi iceni

Are the boxing classes still running and where are they based please; I live near Lancaster and regularly travel to Oxford