PD Falls raising concerns

My husband has PD which has advanced recently he is now having frequent falls, last week after 2 falls over 2 days he was taken to Hospital where concerns were raised that he had several bruises and a cut needing stitches, had he been abused? On each occasion he was alone, away from the home and in the community when he fell, therefore I wasn’t with him, he was assisted by paramedics on both occasions, due to a history of falling we have now have professionals intervening and questioning us with safeguarding concerns. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi there,

Firstly, I am so sorry that you are experiencing this approach from the professionals. My heart goes out to you.

Secondly, I suspect that perhaps he ought not to be going out on his own. That is difficult for you as he probably likes his independence and maybe doesn’t want you to say that to him.

I have PD and am always falling and pretty much clumsy and full of bruises. I suppose it depends on his state of mind. I would hate my children to be under any suspicion of abuse.

So sorry that you find yourself in this situation and I wish you lots of luck, and your dad too xx

Hi @rupert12, Welcome to the forum. The first thing i’m going to tell you is to make sure that knowing what you do is to make sure that he doesn’t go out alone in future as @Jacky3 has rightly pointed out. The second thing is that I have experienced falling in the past and am now on a Parkinsons Trial(voluntarily) through Southmead Hospital, Bristol for such an event to hopefully find a cure for the condition.

When I fell in the past I was playing Bowls Indoors and happened to land softly on a large lady, similar thing has happened on the Outdoor game too !! There was a time when I was walking back from town and went a pearler crossing the main road, fortunately an Ambulance Crew was passing by and witnessed my fall, picked me up and took me home, the only thing hurt was my pride but thankfully I didn’t face plant into the ground !!