PD & FND together

Just wondering whether anyone has a diagnosis of both PD & FND ?
If so, are you getting treatment / support for the FND ?
My hubby has both. He’s going well in terms of the PD thanks to a great Neurology team at the hospital, the medication, a great Neuro Personal Trainer and wonderful Physio but I’m trying to get him referred to an FND specialist as he’s still having issues with his walking … The waiting list is 14 months.
If anyone has found themselves in a similar position I’d really appreciate any feedback please.
Thank you

Hello WORRIEDWIFE and welcome to the forum. I am not actually in a similar position as you but wondered if you might like to join https://fndhope.org/# Wishing you and your husband all the best

Hello Justthisguy
Thank you very much for the link. I’ve been looking at this website on and off for the past few months and have found it helpful. The one thing I can’t seem to see on it is whether you have a helpline which people can call for advice about local services.
Thanks again

I should probably explain that I am not a member of the fndhope website and know very little about it - I only did some brief research on fnd and came up with it in the hope that it may help you. Best wishes as ever…

Hello again Justthisguy

Thank you SO much. That’s really kind of you. :slight_smile: