Pd groups

hi ,how may folk have the pleasure of havin a pd group in ur area,how do you feel about it?wot sort of things do you do there?

or dont you have one near to you,how do you feel about this,how far away is the nearest to you?

ive belonged to a pd group for 6 years,its bout half mile from me bunglow.its for older people ,but the nearest youg onset is in wolverhamton,bout hour drive for me.im very happy with this group,i do lot of fundraisin for them ,and help out with alot of things to keep it goin,it has expanded so much over the last too years,too hard work but were gettin there.im now organizin fund raisin ready for pd awarness week in april,so busy busy me:wink:
Hi Alij

I am pleased to see you are keeping involved with your local branch even though as you say the members are all older. It is so important for younger members to join as their are the future branches.
We were only late forties when we started our branch and I have just retired last year from the many positions on committee and lastly chair for thirteen years as my husband went into a nursing home and I needed a break. The more younger people get involved with the branches the better as whatever effort you put in will improve life for all PWP and their carer's or families and future members.
Keep up the good work and maybe you will find a lot more young people in your area will come along if you get some publicity and they see young members in some photos

best wishes
hiya vivian:smile:ive had fliers made up advertizin it ,the local health centre in the area were i live ,and a few shops have poped them up in there windows and on the boards,we have a lot more people comin,so im real pleased about it:smile:i love to organize things and doin raffles etc,it not just about the money goin in to the funds and for resurch,its about seein the peoples faces taken part,enjoyin them selfs,goin on day trips as well,just love it:smile:
Hi Ali j

Thanks for coming back to me, I am so pleased you are enjoying the branch, we always said we made so many new friends through Pd and as you say you enjoy organising so that in itself makes you feel useful. I always feel you get back a lot more than you put in and some older people are not well enough just through age to give more so us younger ones need to pitch in and keep the branches going.
As I have said before on the forum I was disabled before my husband got pd so I have experienced both having to be helped and giving it.
I have an assistance dog so I give talks on them but always talk about Pd as well because having been involved with Pd for almost thirty years getting people to understand pd has still a long way to go.
If you have a canal anywhere near you they may have adapted boats and that was always a popular outing, we used to take a packed lunch and the crew provided the drinks, worth a look.
best wishes
hi vivian,your so rite about us younger ones helpin the older ones,but i feel the older ones helps me to,ive had pd for 11 years and im 42 years old,ive got other medical conditons as well,but when i joined the group 6 years they took me under there wing so to speak,they were struglin to keep the group afloat,so thats when things kicked in ,fund raisnin raffles etc,and boom we got there,took 2 years but we done it.and im so proud of all of erm.we go out on day trips too times a year,last year we went on a canal boat drawn by a shire horse,to the horse shoe pass in wales,and also on a boat drivern,to the ponty aqueduct as well.it was wonderful,seein there faces lite up, enjoy very min of it ,me and them.i will carry on with this group till im here no more vivian ,and wot is it they say ,on wards and upward,movin forward,thas exactly wot i wont to do for my group and puk as well,fund raisin:smile:
Hi alji

We sound like people of the same heart and how I agree with you it works both ways, I always find older people very interesting and many have told me of their life experiences. I think PWP's have a great sense of humour and are very good at poetry, how lucky you were able to go with a horse drawn boat trip unfortunatley our one didn't carry electric wheelchairs. Keep up the good work and enjoy.
best wishes
hi vivian ,just let u no,the people with wheelchairs full term could not go on this trip cus of the boat.but we did a afternoon tea instead cream scones etc ,it a huge shame that they unable to go to the boat but totally enjoy everythin else that is done,never miss out:smile:
Hi Alji,

I know this is not the right place for this but don't quite know where to go with no chat room and I hope you don't mind my sharing this good news with you.

Just a bit of good news for me our son who is nearly 40yrs and single has not got liver and pancreatic cancer as they told us this time last year, actually they told him on his own and I know he is an adult but it must have been pretty shattering for him. He has a portal vein thrombosis which is not good news but better than the other and I thought I really can't lose both of the men in my life and how devastating for him and of course we haven't been able to tell my husband it would really affect his PD. Our son is having my assistance dog when she retires this month and I will have another one to get used to.
I hope you have a good day oh and another idea for the branch if you haven't done it already is to see if members would like to tell everyone about the experiences in life or their hobbies, its amazing how many different hobbies people have. Also bring photos in of when they were young and guess who is who.
really going now.
best wishes
vivian,im so pleased that now you and son nows wot is truthly rong with him,its bad enough like you say wot he has got ,but beter than the other as u say.i really hope they can sort him out with his condition,i dont no much about it to comment on it,but i wish him all luck in the world.i do understand were you and son are comin from keepin it from hubby for time bein cus of the way it effect his pd,shock and stress can effect pd so much,im in that positon at the mo me self.as far as the pd group is concerned thats a very good idea ,and i will bring it up at the next meeting we have next week,im sure they will have alot of stories to tell about there child hood and pictures of them and family.thankyou vivian for that idea x:smile: