PD & Knee Replacement

Hi has anyone with PD had knee replacement surgery? Im trying to get some feedback as my Dad has PD and is scheduled for surgery and we are trying to way up how he will feel after the surgery, how he will react to the pain meds and any tips in general just to get him through it. Any info would be very welcome .

Thanks in advance :)
Hi polothesamoyed,

If your father's response to anaesthesia is one of the issues that you're worried about, we have an information sheet on this here: http://bit.ly/YxJiUf

It's also important to remind hospital staff that while he is admitted they need to ensure that he gets his medication on time to avoid problems.

I hope this helps but if you have any other questions, please ask.

Hi-I had a double knee replacement within weeks of being diagnosed with PDS. I made sure that the nursing staff knew what times to give me my medication and that worked perfectly. Obviously the Doctor and Anaesthetist knew about the PDS because it affects what dose of "stuff" they give you to put you out. I was out of hospital within a week and had no problems. The most important thing is to do all the exercises the physiotherapist gives you. If you keep to that rule you'll be glad you had the operation if you don't you're wasting everybody's time and you won't get the full benefits. Hope this helps.
My husband had his knees replaced 13 years ago and was off his feet for a few days and then on crutches for 6 weeks.
The pain was minimal and, yes, you do have to do the exercises.
Nowadays, in our area, they use an epidural and you stay awake.
A friend has had hers done like this and thought it fabulous.
No vomiting afterwards which often happens with an anaesthetic.
My husband had all the joints on his toes done this way a few months ago and was thrilled!
Good luck!
Also depends how far advanced you are and your age . My husband was 74 and quite advanced . He had a patella femoral replacement which he found extremely painful I don't think it s a walk in the park . Of course it's depends what your tolerant s to pain killers are . He had an epidural .He has since also had a knee arthroscopy . just make sure you tell them everything you can

my husband is very needy and I cannot speak highly enough of the care he was given . on his arrival I gave them a list of his medication and times , and all the things he couldn't manage to do himself , his limitations . Do..an to the most personal details . I though they might have considered me a bit of a fusspot but NO THEY DIDnt . I fact when In each of the different depts had been given the in formation to read and thanked me saying how much help it had been to them Obviously I can't say that would happen I,n all hospitals . but I hope so .

good luck with your operation
I have just got home from having a total knee replacement. I was very active before and I hope to continue. I am 76 and had no problem. There is still some pain but this will reduce and is already less than the pain I had before operation. You must however do the exercises to get the most benefit. Gasman.

Hi I've just had total knee replacement and was forced out of hospital after two days the nurse stating I was very capable even though she was not a parkinson specialist nurse also the physios were adamant I was ok after climbimfb four of there makeshift stairs in there dept ( my house has approx 13 stairs ) I feel the nhS has let me down as the aux nurse that morning told me they neede the beds 

I just had a TKA 10April '18… one thing i have noticed that is different from before my PD diagnosis/treatment is my pain tolerance is much lower. While in hospital (i am in the states) they totally screwed up my medication schedule. At last minute anaesthesiologist asked if i wanted general or spinal… so glad i chose spinal as i did not have any of the side effects i suffered 2015 when i had arthroscopic surgery on same knee and had general. I have had extreme neuropathic pain in the leg which was relieved by gabapentin which i asked for and was not given until 2nd week post-op; had i had it as soon as released from hosp my PT would have gone more smoothly sooner.