PD medications

Hi,My OH was on 3-4 sinemet a day for about 10 days,then when he eventually seen the Neuro his meds were changed to Sinemet plus 3 x a day apparently the plus version are double the strength of what he was on. What I find hard to understand is there are so many different medications mentioned on here,but they are all to treat PD,yet everyone is on a different mixes. Is Sinemet the starter drug for PD? and as time goes on do you start to need other additions, or am I totally wrong, I was just curious as I continue to read about so many different meds PWP are on, any advice would be great love hols x
There are not as many drugs as you think. Sinemet is for some neurologists the favorite, for others it is Madopar, these two drugs do the same job and come in similar strengths. Did you ask why the Sinemet was doubled?
Hi Kate, My husband's GP prescribed him a low strength Sinemet, to try and relieve tremor/pain/fatigue,while he was waiting to see a neuro. As the wait was 9 weeks we decided to go private. I found a Neurologist whose expertise was in PD, movement disorders, he works very close with PUK. The GP could not give a dx you see, when we seen the Neuro he Dx PD, and said he was middleling, and the dose was to little as he was on 62.5, he put him on sinemet plus which he explained was double the strength he was already on. My husband has had symptoms for about 18months and did nothing about it then he just deteriorated very quickly, so went to his GP who gave him the low dose sinemet to tide him over I suppose.
Could it be that there are more PD meds in the States? it was just that i read that some PWP are on 2 0r 3 different meds i.e Stalveo, Requip, Ropinirole, Pramipexole. and another which begins with 'A' can't recall it at the moment.
kind regards love hols x
Phone PUK and ask for their leaflets about drugs for Parkies. They explain about the different types, multiple names for basically the same thing, it helps to have it to refer to sometimes.
There is also a good site called,Lets Move which has a section on the medications. It explains clearly about the various families of medication. Be aware there is the generic name and then the brand name. Thus ropinerole as prescribed ( generic name) might be in a packet labelled Requip, with ropinerole written small underneath.There are not that many families of medication for Parkinson's but your neurologist will have taken your husband's age into consideration as well as the variety and severity of his symptoms when deciding what was best for him.Sometimes,as it my husband's case, it is two different kinds.
Whoops Oh dear, I have directed you to a site for buying a new house. The site name should have read We move. Sorry about that.
Thank you both, shall do what you both suggested. I will look up the move company as well ECD as I must leave my lovely home, as there is to much work here,I need to find something less demanding, so I have more time for us. Don't know where to start, would love to be nearer family, but its to far a move to area's i don't know anything about. Its distressing my husband, as he feels the same about moving to a less demanding property, but he wants to still stay local, because it would be to much, to start changing doctors etc, but i have told him we need to be nearer more amenities, transport links etc, as where we live is very rural and about 10 miles to nearest train station, there are only a few buses that come once in a blue moon. Our nearest hospital is 12 miles away and does not have a good reputation. I have not driven for 12 years, but will get back behind the wheel as soon as i can, to take the pressure off my husband. I don't know whether to move local then further a field in time, or just go for it and find somewhere near family, and just accept the consequences. I don't know what to do for the best, without making my husband worse, such is life, sorry for moaning,love hols xxx