Pd mind map

This mind map is by Dr Paul de Roos which I found very useful in trying to get a grasp on all the research, theories, etc


hope it is useful
Very useful thank you Turnip.

For those interested, I have now accordingly updated my article (As in the knowledge that every case is different and I would hate to provide false hope in relating my thoughts and benefit from physiotherapy). Rather than repost the full text (as I am unable to edit the initial thread) you can find the full article here https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/dps

Whoops - here is the link

Third time lucky I hope the link will work


this time, and hope it helps.
you are a cheeky threadnapper - but I admire your persistence!
also you take very nice pictures. you seem to have an idyllic life in the french countryside(apart from the obvious unpleasant neurological condition)
who is that lady in your photos?
no prurient intent intended, just an appreciation of beauty.
My apology T, I did not mean to threadnap. We are all in the same boat and I hope combined efforts from every aspect available, will improve the chances of successful cure.

Stem cells, etc., will no doubt be subject to attack as the cells they replace were. But above all, clarifying physical aspects prudent to each case will help target successful treatments.

Thank you for your understanding, and I trust you keep well.

The lady?, no doubt one of my family.

Was only teasing.
What you say is quite correct.
The reason i was looking for a mind map is there are so many seemingly unconnected paths that it is difficult to get an overall picture and i was trying to fit in these ideas on arteries etc. The people behind this one are very open minded and may well include these recent developments in new versions.
One day it will all come together in a unified theory of parkinsons, perhaps.