PD or not PD?

Hi everyone. I am 64 and have worked with patients with PD so I’ve got some medical knowledge and experience. I treat myself wherever possible when there is anything wrong and rarely bother my GP. I’ve never smoked and very rarely drink alcohol and then it will only be a shandy or one glass of wine.
However, of late, I’m getting some odd health signs and am thinking it is extremely very early onset of PD.
So I’m wondering if anybody else has ever had these symptoms very early on and doubted themselves that anything was wrong.
So here goes!
Internal buzzing/vibrating feeling is if plugged into something. This is mainly on waking or just dropping off to sleep.
Dysphagia. This can happen any time lately when eating and I end up coughing as it goes down the trachea - epiglottis didn’t flap… Mainly it happens when just dropping off to sleep when saliva isn’t swallowed and again goes down the trachea causing another coughing fit. Woke up at 4 am the other morning in a fit of coughing. Needless to say I am now a Tena lady. HMMM!!!
Arthritic type pain and stiffness getting worse. Had back problems since I can remember when, and have recently had hip pain after long walks. But I generally ignore that except for the newly acquired muscle pain in one arm at the crook of the right elbow which I’ve never had before.
Headaches no more than usual.
Dizziness and occasional wobbling over. Only ever had that once with an ear infection but that is not what this is.
Speech, sense of smell and taste still good and normal. I like to impersonate people’s voices on TV and I can still do that OK. I do a mean Fozzy Bear and Miss Piggy. HA!!
Handwriting is small but it has always been small so nothing changed there.
Walking still good with no shuffling or hesitations.
It’s just this buzzing, dysphagia and vertigo that is the problem.
Can anyone relate to this or am I just imagining it? Thanks

Hi @Andrea09,

A warm welcome to the forum.

We have a really engaging community on the forum so I’m sure you’ll receive some support from fellow members soon.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to speak to your GP about your health concerns as Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. We have information on our website symptoms related to Parkinson’s which you can find here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/do-i-have-parkinsons.

You can also give our helpline a call on and speak to one of our friendly advisers on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best wishes,
Forum Community Manager

Hi @Andrea09
I’m with Reah on this issue
So it’s the GP for you!
Because only they can refer you to where you need to be.

Good luck
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: