PD or Paranoia?


My father got diagnosed with PD a few weeks ago and now im worried i may have it.
Maybe i'm just being paranoid but i keep thinking i have some of the symptoms.

I am sometimes stiff
sometimes fall when climbing steps/ loose balance on my feet/ stumble
sometimes have memory issues
sometimes suffer from anxiety for no reason
dream regularly
people have always asked why i look so misrable, even when im not

I'm only in my mid twentys so know its unlikely..
hello again imagine
I cannot tell you whether or not you have pd but neither do I think you paranoid. When a close relative is diagnosed it is only natural to wonder "do I have it, will I get it?"
The symptoms you describe could be caused by any number of things, May I suggest that if they are troubling or worrying you that you consult your GP in the first instance
With my best wishes,