PD Plus disc out in back


Has any other parkie person had the above as i am in so much pain. It is really getting me down. The painkillers do not even touch the pain.



I do not have this problem so forgive me for posting but good god GG you have so much to cope with.  I hope someone can help, much love xxx



Thanks so much for kind thoughts x


I had that a few years back & found that I was allergic to Opium based painkillers. With PD the contracting & rigid muscles in the back conspire to compress the spine!

After a MRI scan it was recommended I should have surgery but I decided first to visit a Sports injury Physiotherapist and requested that he stretched my spine after a massage and to my relief the problem eased.

I then designed floor exercises based on the Physiotherapists advice to help stop a return of the problem…

That was at least three plus years ago and I have not looked back.

My exercises are described here [https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/keep-fit]


Kind regards and hope you solve your problem with the help of Physiotherapy too.

My apology for not following the Forum for such a long time.