PD Progression and Tremor

I have read that as a general rule someone who has PD and a tremor will have their PD progress faster than someone who has PD with no tremor. I wonder can anyone confirm this idea?

Its the other way around. PD with no tremor - faster progression, PD with tremor - slower progression.

Egads! Where's a tremor when you need one?

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because pd affects people different ie slowness,stiffness ,tremor i  would say its hard to say I'm lucky I've got all of them and mine is aggressive

I have tremor dominant PD  and my PD seemed to  accelerate since diagnosis last year to the point i now take Madopar 4 times a day and Azilect ,but saying that it has now settled down i do understand from my pd nurse that this can happen things progress quite quickly then settle for quite a while , but everyones rate of progression will be different no to people will be the same .

My tremor has got worse since diagnosis, going to the loo is like sitting on a moped, lol

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do you think shelly starting the meds accelerates pd ! I'm in two mines

Can't say for sure Gus but since my diagnosis last year i do seem to have progressed a bit but as i say seem to have settled now pd nurse did say that can happen  but it has been around 4 or 5 years since i first noticed a tremor in my left hand so i guess if you look at it that way it has took 5 yrs to progress   , my tremor has defiantly got worse it was in my left hand at first which would not cause me to many problems as i am right handed but now it has started in my right hand , me and hair straightners are fast becoming a no go area the amount of burns i have on my left hand where i have been shaking and burnt myself frown

I think if i had not of started the meds i would be feeling much worse than i do so no regrets starting meds i had a few problems at first with nausea on the sinemet plus but ok on Madopar

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yeh i started with one finger twitching they reckon i had for 5yrs started tablets hand & arm started more tablets changed meds because of gambling went on sinemet raced through them to high dose then tremours, shaking ,dyskinesia then dbs ok now just balance & walking dodgy  pd now 8yrs with the 5yr ,13 yrs total 

Where did you find that out? (having a tremor means slower progression)

I like Dr Jonny's blog post on progression.  See 

Why does it take 60 years for Parkinson’s symptoms to emerge?



My PD started with a little tremor and finger twitching, I was diagnosed in 2008 and 9yrs later the Consultant and other people tell me that you would not know I have PD. I do take meds Ropinirole 16mg once a day and 62.5mg sinement three times a day. I don't have a tremor anymore and I walk well, so I guess having a tremor    seems to be slower progression. 

Each persons experience is different. I am only thankful that for now I am still relatively ok.


Has anyone had any success with reducing tremor by investigation into medication other than what is normally prescribed (e.g. Glutathione or n-acetyl cysteine) ??

Has anyone had any success with self medication with regard to general health problems?

Will anyone ever understand how the brain works, I wonder?????

As I stated to lead researcher on trial during last assessment untill such time as we have a cure for this condition we do not know enough about it. He agreed with me and the reason I used the term we is because all of us are intergeral to finding a cure for this BB.

In reply to the original post, there is this: