PD Suffers

Where do you stand?
Embryonic stem cells are taken from a ten-day-old embryos left over from vitro fertilization and discarded by fertility clinics. Thousands of these unwanted cell clusters, smaller than the head of a pin, are frozen and then, after a time, are routinely destroyed every year.
Most cell biologists believe that because these cells are too young to have dedicated themselves to any one physiological function-brain cell, kidney cell, bone marrow cell-they are "pluripotent" That is, they have the potential to become any type of human cell. Introduced, for example, into the substantia nigra of a Parkinson's patient, they could evolve into dopamine-producing cells.
As you can see the implications of this are staggering. If the potential of stem cell research is realized, it would mean an end to the suffering to millions of people- a rescuer, A CURE. The potential benefits are not just limited to PD suffers. Stem cells could lead to breakthroughs in developing treatments and cures for almost any terminal or catastrophic disease you can think of. This is one of the reasons that support for this work should galvanizes a coalition of supporters from just about every patient community in the country, NO THE WORLD. If stem cell research succeeds, there isn't a person in the country who would not benefit, or know somebody that will.

Doe's PD receives little public attention, and relatively few goverment research pounds. If there is a lack of funding in the UK then this is especially tragic, because the reserch opportunities are so promising. PD is not a question of if it could be cured, but when. This answer is only as soon as all involved (including goverment backing) could pay for the cost of scientific research. Illness is a scary business, and somewhere deep inside we're all wondering if it could happen to you. How would you cope if it did? Doctors seem to think there isn't a cure, but we are assured by the researchers/scientists testifying that a cure could come, only if sufficient financial commitment is made, and the the war against PD is a winnable war. So don't just sit in the fence, jump down and give us a hand to win this war. Thank you all for raeding this James.