PD Symptoms Increasing OR C.O.P.D?

Hi All,please bare with me as I am about to crack up I think.I had app. with my new neurologist last NOV.my health and all was quite good but had noticed an increase in my tremor ( not all the time but it was worse).I mentioned this to my neurologist, he gave me a check over,i.e stand up sit down hold arms out.I explained that at that time it was`nt bad but said it was worse first thing in the morning after doing something as little as having company, standing while washing a few cups and in the evening just watching TV my neurologist looked at my meds and said he felt my PD was under control with the dose of Madapar I was taking but thought my increased tremors were being caused by inhalers I take for COPD. It seemed quite possible so I went to see COPD. Nurse and told her what neurologist had said,the nurse agreed to a point but said it would probably be better when the weather improves meaning not using the inhalers as much. Well I know it has been a bad winter but I am now shaking almost constantly and have hardly been out of the house this year so contacted the COPD Nurse again and I have started with a Physical Activity Group,which she suggested,it is getting me out and moving but the shakes are much worse after a session.I have an App. with PD.Nurse in about 6 weeks should I plod on until then or is this just how it is going to be? any suggestions out there . Soop x :rolling_eyes:
No you need some help now! Sounds like you have waited long enough. Can you contact your PD nurse or failing that have a chat to the nurse on the PUK helpline for further advice. All the best.
Thanks Hikoi, I have left a message for my PD.Nurse to contact me A.S.A.P. as I think she can help but she is on holiday,but she is good so I will hang on in there until she returns,but as all with PD know all have different degrees of symptoms its difficult for others to understand and more so when other illnesses are involved,but thanks for your words they are appreciated. Thanks Soop x:neutral_face: