PD Symptoms v Other medical issues

Since being diagnosed I have experienced a number of symptoms, some are obvious PD ones but how do other people differentiate PD, PD medication side effects and other stuff. For example I have really bad joint pain in my ankles and knees and also shooting pains in my right foot, is this PD or something else?

kind of worried that moving forward that every ache and pain I get I just dismiss it as Parkinson’s and end up in trouble. Does anybody else have these worries or am I just overthinking stuff being new to all this


You might get lower limb joint pains if the PD has changed the way you walk. It’s difficult to ascribe that for definite, though. You could ask your doctor- it may be something completely separate.

The temptation to ascribe various symptoms to chronic conditions doesn’t just apply to patients, it applies to doctors too. In my case, all my neurological symptoms were passed off with “it’s your diabetes” till I was salvaged by a neurologist.

Hi Island mike, funny you should say that. I had an appointment with the neurologist on saturday and I did mention the shooting pains in my foot and he just mumbled under his breath something along the lines of wait for the medication to kick in.. Dont think he is blessed with any people skills. He certainly didnt want to listen to me.

If it’s any consolation, by far the rudest doctor I’ve ever come across was a neurologist. It’s something about the specialty that seems to attract sociopaths even more than radiology and anaesthetics. It’s why I was always happy not to have a neurological condition, but was astonished when my current neurologist is a thoroughly personable sort. A rarity, in my experience. And personable or not, they all seem to mutter. Must be in the training.