PD Tremor Control Interview

Here's a video interview I produced for a Polish medical marijuana website about the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of tremor in Parkinson's Disease.



Ian Frizell

Hi, I am recently diagnosed and have been looking at this so thank you for the info. x


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I think Parkinson's UK should sell Marijuana mail order.



Martini, as it's illegal, they probably won't do this. eek

But perhaps they could lobby for it to be legalised.

Hilly - glad you found it useful!  

Tabbycat - this is exactly what should be happening - either lobbying for legalisation for medical use, or supporting trials to establish its efficacy  Too many people/institutions have their heads in the sand when it comes to medicinal use of cannabis, and it angers me! 


Watched this (and your one about DBS) and found both interesting and I appreciated your frank and honest  manner .  The illegality of Marijuana for medical purposes is unnecessary imho .

I wondered what your opinion of CBD oil was?   It can be vaped (E-oil version ) or put under the tongue(orally in other words).  I dont have a vaper so i bought a small bottle of HEMP EXTRACT from LOVEHEMP whhich is described a 'Food Supplemnt Liquid Drops'

It hasnt got the high illegal bit (i think thats the THC part) .  I'm not sure its helping me much but i seem to be a little better on it but nothing to justify the price (which is an issue as I live off savings )... financially am ok but the 800 mg bottlet was over £60 and lasts around 2 weeks so if you're not sure it works u dont buy it.

Have u ever tried it and if so whats your view ?   Or is it vital to have the high/illegal part ?

( pS :   CBD stands for Cannaboid )


apologies for being slow to reply, but I don't log in that often and I didn't receive a notification of your post. 

Funnily enough, I've just been sent a box of CBD products to try.  I haven't tried the oils yet, but have tried the CBD tea, which does offer some small benefit, but nothing like cannabis.  I've just posted a message with a link to my review, if you're interested.  I will be trying the oils next, and will, similarly, be producing video reviews of them. 

It certainly seems very expensive in comparison with cannabis. Cost of that is around £10 a week...  I have no income aside from PIP, so appreciate your comment about finances!