PD tremors and fractures


Hi, I’m new here :baby_symbol: (actually never posted on a forum before so please excuse…). Active 50-something, 2 years in, managing to live a just about normal life on a regime of much exercise and stage 1 meds.
Fractured left hand in stupid accident. The rigid cast they put on me is sending my left hand tremor crazy and I’m worried the fracture will never mend like this. Any experience/tips out there? Thanks in advance.


Hi @Peter_W,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I’m really sorry to hear that you recently fractured your hand - this must be a real pain. :frowning_face:

I’m sure receive some supportive comments from our members soon, but in the meantime, I would recommend that you raise your concerns about your tremor with either your GP or a Parkinson’s nurse as they may need to look into your medication. We have a great team of advisers via our helpline who can offer more support on your situation and can put you in touch with a Parkinson’s nurse if you need to speak to one asap.

Please feel free to contact them on 0808 800 0303 Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.

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Hi Peter,
Im 2 years in and 52. I fractured my right elbow about 5/6 years ago. It was the start of the slippery slope to PD. I remember it took a couple of months to get back to some proper movement. I don’t have an obvious tremor but my elbow gets stuck slightly and clicks. It recovered some what but my neck and shoulder on my right side are effected so its hard to pin point recovery. Sorry probably not much help.


Hi Divine1,
Thanks for sharing anyway. My experience is so similar to yours - knocked off my bike by a 4x4 a while back, many left-side injuries, in a sling for 6 months. Perhaps 24 months later, PD symptoms started to appear - though of course I didn’t recognise them for a long time - tiny tremor making left index finger and thumb tap together, slight scuff on the left foot when using the running machine. Now there is no doubt - but not going down without a fight!



Hi Reah,

Thanks. My PDSN and specialist are on the case but I will try the helpline too. Normally my tremor is manageable - the cast is the problem (I think). I really don’t want to go up a level in meds just for a temporary condition… if I can possibly avoid it. Specialist suggests muscle-relaxant pill before bed. Let’s see how that goes…


Hi @Peter_W,

No problem at all.

I’m glad you’ve decided to contact our helpline. All the best.

Best wishes,


Hi Peter,
Thats a great attitude. Keep fighting. Exercise, as you do already, learn new things and keep interacting. Apathy can be a real problem in PD, sometimes it creeps in when i least expect it. That’s a fight in itself!