PD Warrier

Hi I am 65 and have been diagnosed for around 5 years my PD has got worse but by not a great degree .I used to be a Gas Engineer but found fiddly bits a bit of a pain and testing electrics could be more of a pain .I continue to work part time on an office on a computer and find it very beneficial four my PD .Recently I have been attending PD Warrior sessions at Leighton Hospital Crewe where they give you a series of physical and voice exercises.To date my confidence and balance has improved .I am back walking the coast paths and hopefully the mountains again

Good for you. I’m a total convert to PD Warrior as well. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Hi, can’t wait to start PD Warrior classes but had hip op 10 weeks ago and need to stabilise that first xxx

Has anyone tried the online PD warrior course? I would love to add PD warrior exercises to the rest of my regime, but the nearest class involves an 80 mile round trip.

The nearest class is a 200 mile round trip for me so not really practical.

I haven’t done the 10 week course but I did buy the book and DVD. A good place to start.

My local Exercise Physio gave me some exercises that follow the PD Warrior philosophy.
He has a number of clients with PD including his father-in-law so has an interest in the condition.

Another physio in the region is doing her PD Warrior training and I am considering going to her in the near future.

All the advice I have been given agrees so I am happy that I am doing the best I can by following the PD Warrior forms of exercise.


I did the 10 week course. I recorded it onto a hard drive and played it on an old TV so I could do the exercises along with the video. It was quite hard at first, but perseverance paid off and I really felt the benefits. I actually did all the exercises almost every day - for me that worked best. I also found doing them before breakfast meant I didn’t spend the day putting it off! There’s a lot of support available from Mel and Jason - and from other people in the same position, especially if you join Tribe 365. I’m still doing at least half an hour of exercises every day. (Mainly from the DVD)
You don’t need to buy loads of equipment. it’s quite easy to improvise from stuff you already have around the house. I do go to a class once a week, mainly for the social side, but any exercise class in your neighbourhood will provide that.
Good luck if you decide to go ahead.