PD Warrior class


So hot today and nearly didn’t go to my Warrioer class. I pushed myself and I am so glad I did, it was very enjoyable although hard work.

They did have the air con on full blast though.


We’ve been moving halls to try to find one that’s both cool enough and big enough. A couple of weeks ago we were a class of twenty-one people in a relatively small studio and the air-conditioning units definitely couldn’t keep up but last week we were in a lovely airy hall with plenty of space (and only 13 people turned up).


My class is a pretty small one and yesterday only four of us. I must admit after not going for 3 weeks due to holidays etc I got up this morning aching all over. Yesterday I was fine.


Hi Margs and singing gardener. Can i ask where your pd classes are? I attend one with 2 others but unfortunately our physio is leaving the country so we’ll need to find someone else.


Hi all

Well I went out looking at different builds with my kids and yes it was. Not to hot, but as the news told us to stay out of the heat I had many funny looks from other people looking outwards from those buildings

Kind regards


Hi all does anyone know where the PD classes are in. Birmingham?? I have found a few but I really didn’t fit in due to my age, and this I bet a lot on this forum and out find it hard to fit into such a weight aga group,

Regards Raz


Hi Divine1, my class is in Billericay Essex. It’s a 20 minute drive away from me but well worth it.


The class I go to is in Harlow, Essex. Also a 20 minute drive from where I live!


Thx for the replies. Im hoping the physio will line us up with some one. Would like to see more groups rolling out UK wide!