PD warrior courses

I was diagnosed in spring of 2022 & am on 100mg Madopar, symptoms very mild, main concern is fairly persistent tension type headache & stiffness around lower back & knees when walking, I recently walked 4 miles with some discomfort with this.
I saw Jeremy Paxman programme & would like to know if I can take the PD Warriors course? What I have found seems to be for physiotherapist professionals.

Hi @ericcphipps It might be worth looking around to see if there are any other Parkinson’s exercise classes near you which are similar. I’m in Essex and the class I attend uses the PD Warrior moves but not the name. The people who run the class did complete the PD Warrior training. I believe that the PD Warrior name is franchised and is quite expensive to use.

Hi, if you o on YouTube you can look up pd warrior warm ups which are 10 short videos you can watch, may be helpful, good luck

If you Google Pd Warrior Connect neurophysiotherapy and scroll down you should find five hour long video classes led by a Neuro Physio in Auckland during their lockdown. Also, try googling PD Warrior circuits for shorter videos led by the Australian neuro-physio who came up with the programme. In both cases, the exercise are clearly explained and demonstrated.
I’m in Scotland and there are no official PD Warrior classes that I can find, presumably because the franchise is so expensive. I paid to have a neuro-physio come to my house for a few sessions to get me started and check my technique.
I try to do about 25 mins PD warrior and 20 mins early morning Pilates every day and I do believe it helps. I did contemplate doing the online PD Warrior 10 week challenge but it’s very expensive and, so far, I’ve got the self-discipline to do my own thing every day.

I’m 73, diagnosed last December , was fairly active, played tennis, looked after grandkids. I’ve slowed down to doubles tennis once a week and shorter, slower walks. My main problem is fatigue - and Paxman did say he felt tired all the time-but I force myself to do the exercises even for just 10 mins if I’m really knackered.

You might like to check out https://www.reachyourpeakonline.com/ - An online exercise community for people with Parkinson’s…