PD Warrior free online

I’ve been researching PD Warrior and I ‘get’ the principle of big dynamic movement but wasn’t sure about spending quite a lot of money for the course. However, if you Google - PD Warrior Covid 19 NZ - you will find a series of classes, originally on Zoom during the New Zealand lockdown, run by an experienced neuro-physio. Each session lasts just under an hour and the exercises are demonstrated very clearly and one session gives info about the programme and the theory behind its part in delaying progression of symptoms.
I’d be interested to hear what anyone thinks about this.

Baz did the PD warrior 10 week challenge and it was excellent,so motivating and gets you back to believing you can slow PD progression.Best if you have a buddy to do the exercises with you and get it up on a big screen so you feel like you are in a class!He did then every day for 10 weeks yes everyday!Just remember this isn’t about getting fit it’s about slowing PD.

Hi. Since Covid struck, I’ve tried lots of online classes from around the globe (and the UK!). Some I didn’t like, others led onto other things. I have tried the free PD Warrior classes and attended one of their virtual conferences. It did not resonate with me, although I can understand why it is successful. What has really worked for me is the PWR! Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Programme in Arizona. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6Wtd13lwrc&list=PLsRmTAYV0uGz30qFSvngZe-ZlDE4-UMxJ
Link to the 5 basic PWR! Moves. Claire McClean is the therapist in the video. She has her own gym now in California, Rogue in Motion. I have a subscription to the online programmes. There’s plenty of quality free stuff on the web. Try things out until you find something you like.https://www.roguept.com/

Thanks for reply, ginaS, and I will follow up your suggestions. I’ve had one consultant advise me against pushing myself to exercise energetically and a neuro-physio tell me that’s exactly what I should be doing!

Well done, Baz and my plan is to follow that example - eventually. The irony is you can’t actually prove that you’ve slowed progression of your own symptoms, but it’s about taking some control and having belief and positive feelings.
Thanks for responding.

You know it’s slowing the progression when you stop exercising and you start declining quite quickly! Exercise is an insurance policy believe me! If I have a few days off i soon notice the difference.