PD Warrior - Leeds

Hi All! I've only recently been diagnosed and really keen to start neuro physio. I've read about PD Warrior and thought the nearest one was Sheffield. However when I met Cate Scally, support worker from Parkinson's UK she told me about a course in Leeds. I rang Leeds Neurophysiology rapt this morning and they said they are unsure whether another course will be run because of low uptake - they currently have 6 people attending. If anyone is interested please contact them on 0113 2508833.

Has anyone had good results from this programme?

That should be Leeds Neurophysiotherapy..

Hi Jayne849
Can you tell me more? My Dad has PD in Otley, when I google pd warrior I get pickup trucks or Australia! Neither much use to the old man :blush:

Hi Simmy

I was given the info by the support worker from Parkinson's UK. I rang the Leeds Neurophysiotherapy team this morning and I have an assessment on Tuesday pm. They are in Rawdon. Louise, the physio there is accredited by PD Warrior but doesn't run the exact course because of license costs. However she says they run a 10 week programme that incorporates PD warrior, LSVT big and something else that I can't remember! The one hour assessment is £75 and a 10 week course is £150. The NHS physio at Chapel Allerton hospital do similar but there's a 12 week waiting list which I've now got my name on. Your Dad can be referred to the NHS one via the Parkinson's nurse team at LGI. Let me know if you need the number or if I can help with anything else.

Good luck and let me know how you get on :grinning:

Thanks for the info Jayne.

You’re welcome lillybelle.

Are you in Leeds?

Hi Jayne,
No. But I live in he vicinity. Unfortunately the PD Warrior classes take place in Rawdon from 9.30am. I would need tp set off really early to beat te traffic at that time of day so for me it’s a non-starter, sadly. But I’ll keep on looking… someone shoiuld surely be setting up another one (fingers crossd)…


Have you tried the NHS physio at Chapel Allerton? I’ve been referred but there’s a waiting list.