PD Warrior


Hi. Has anyone had experience of this programme and found it helped?


Hi Muminkl,

Yes, I've only just had 2 sessions as it's very expensive. I hope to make a class but have included the moves into my exercise  routine at home.

I'm early stage PD and found that it has helped my walking. I'm interested to see how it helps in the future. 


Just started taking a Pilates class on the recommendation of my physio. Early days so will update here if its good or bad.


Hi everyone'

I'm early stage Pd diagnosed 18 months.

I do Tai chi which helps me. I was also told to look on utube and found that if you type pdwarrior into utube there's a whole load of free easy to follow at home exercises on there. 


Hi Daffy,

YouTube is great for PD warrior exercises and Tai chi. My Pd nurse introduced me to a physio who has just started out doing PD warrior classes. I had 2 private assessments with her (very expensive). Her classes are on when I'm not available unfortunately. Hopefully it will become more available through out the country.

Wildrover, that's great that you are doing pilates. It's great for the core and overall strength. I do yoga but should do more. 


Hi Divine

PD Warrior looks quite vigorous work from what I've seen of it. I wouldn't mind giving it a go but I don't think there's any around here yet and if it's expensive it may be a bit of a problem for me. I did a bit of yoga ages and ages, maybe I ought to try it again.


Hi Wildrover,

I've never tried pilates. Do you find it makes a difference for you?


Hi Daffy, early days as I have only been a couple of times, I think it will be beneficial as it focuses on your core strength so it can only be good.