PD Warrior


I went to my first PD Warrior class yesterday and found it very good. I was worried that it would affect my bad back and neck but it was all quite gentle.

Would be interested in hearing other people’s experiences.


Hi Margs

I’m glad you found a class you could get to. I find the classes really useful but similarly have to be careful not to aggravate my back and neck and also a dodgy left knee! Do you find time to do some practice at home? I’m trying to be good about this but feel a bit silly when I’m doing the exercises by myself and also find it quite boring without the others around.



Hi Clare,

I only went to my first lesson yesterday so havn’t yet practiced at home, like you though I would find it boring exercising alone.

Hopefully more classes will start up in the future as I do have to drive about 10 miles to the class.