PD Warrior

Hi I hope someone can help me. Does anyone have any info other than what is on the PD Warrior website. Does it work. Is there any group that is considering sending someone on the Course, if there is how is it being funded. Is it recognised by Parkinsons UK.


We do not endorse this course I'm afraid, it also takes place in Australia and as we are UK based we cannot comment on whether it works, you'd need to get in touch with the course provider. It does look very expensive, have you thought about joining a local gym or exercise class instead? 

If you're interested in taking up exercise other members may be able to offer advice on what has worked for them. 

Hope this helps, 



PD Warrior did training sessions for Physios in UK this year. I went to one of these as a volunteer patient (at George Eliot NHS Hospital). After their initial PDW training sessions, the Physios practised teaching the PwP's. We all worked very hard. There was emphasis on big movements, effort, increasing speed (with music), and learning to do two tasks at once. The 'take away benefit' was having our particular mobility problems identified, and being taught the appropriate excercises.

The programme is said most beneficial when started in the early stages of PD. All the exercises are on the website, but I think it helps to have someone with you to chivvy you along and check posture etc..

By coincidence my Neuro Physio was on the course, and I gather she is now trying to set up a local PD Warrior group. Certainly something I'd want to join. I think other groups are being set up in UK.




People warrior are starting in Newport South Wales, at Morrello clinic. I am hoping to visit and find out more information.

Anneb, Have you visited the Morrello clinic yet?

Does anyone know if PD Warrior is being planned to be introduced anywhere in the SW England. There are a number of us in Devon who are interested.

I see that some in the Hampshire region ap[appeared to be funded by their local PD support group.Does anyone know any pther source of funding for the courses.



I visited today, impressed with the clinic and the facilities, met with the director who has not long returned from training in Australia had quite a long discussion with him about the PD Warrior programme, it is quite intense and you certainly have to be motivated, I have made an appointment for next Tuesday, I feel quite positive about it, and I am going to sign up for the programme, it looks likely that I may be the first to sign up!

Hi Tiger 1

Where in Devon are you ? I am near Devon border, in Taunton, Somerset.



Hi Marole - I live near the GEH and attend the clinic of Dr L Teare and would  like to join in on the PDW (when or if it returns to the hospital) as a volunteer patient, perhaps if you hear of anything happening in the near future then I would be grateful if you would let me know, I can then approach Dr Teare to put my name forward. I was under the Neuro Physio Emma Gadsby at the GEH also until recently.

Thanking you in anticipation - Sheila 

Hi Anne

I live 5/10 minutes from the Morello Clinic in Newport and having had a tour and a chat with Jakko this morning i am going for an assesment   next Tuesday at 10.00 followed by an invitation to stay on and try  some exercises with a lady by the name of Anne - could that be you ??

I was diagnosed with early onset PD at the age of 5





Hi Anstee

sorry only just seen your post, how did you get on with Jakko? What did you think of the set up?

yes it was me I was there on Tuesday with Jason, the Australian guy, he put me through my assessment, lots of tests, walking, balance, dexterity, and a couple of specific PD Warrior exercises.i am seeing him again tomorrow 10am, he is going back to Australia for 3 weeks, so I will be seeing Jakko or Alistair. Are you on facebook?. I live in Risca, so not too far from the clinic

hi if anyone lives in Merseyside area I go to a fantastic physical therapist.  Since attending I have in the words of my specialist "made a remarkable improvement". I am not saying that this is for everyone but it helps me be the best i can be.


I was most impressed with the concept of PD Warrior and undertook some 1 on 1 training with Jakko  last week . I  will be at the clinic next on Thursday 17/11 at 10.0 am perhaps I'll see you there  

I live in CAERLEON  only a stone's throw from the clinic

I was diagnosed 16 years ago (not 5 as in  my last  message)  and am finding that as I seem to have become immune to the meds this programme seems like a different non-meds approach 

I have today e-mailed Dr Roach Director of Research to ask if we could evaluate the programme now it is available in the UK






I am seeing Jakko tomorrow 11am, I found last weeks session quite intense, but feeling optimistic 


I will be at the clinic on Thursday, apparently there will be a group of 4 of us there


Has anyone here brought the 10 week course of PD Warrior I know its available off their website at a cost of £200.  I know its a lot but if it works I will buy it.




I have just completed the course at the Morello Clinic in Newport. It has worked for me my walking and stamina has improved, I also enjoyed the social aspect with like- minded people. I intend to carry on with the programme at the clinic. Have my assessment tomorrow to see how far I have come since starting the programme.

Hello Shefinn

Good news. I heard yesterday that PD Warrior will be offered at GEH physio dept soon (March/April)!

Maybe see you there.



That's brilliant Marole, I'd forgotten about that, will speak to my physio and see what happens, will let you know.....thanks