PD without chronic depression

Hi everyone,

Ive had PD since 2010.It sure can be a frustrating illness or for now Ill call a event.Being a event we should know we can't control the outcome.So wasting time worrying about our future is a wasted exercise.

Pd does steal away our good health and it"s a daily battle to stay well.many decisions or events we wouldn't"t have to deal with if it weren't:t for our illness..But then there are much worse events like having to deal with a terminal cancer where there is no cure.One thing we can do is stay emotionally well regardless of PD.

Usually every morning I have a early awakening that often come with racing thoughts sometimes feelings of doom and despair.Personaly i think it"s our brain telling me it"s low on C/L,I never take these thoughts seriously to act on them other than to take a levadopa pillEWhen I do get up Im fresh and those symptoms have vanished.

In the past I have had to deal with depression for many years.For now I have no chronic symptoms like I had before.One thing that I do know is when events happen I automatically relate that Im not in control of the outcome which helps me stay objective and unemotional.Sort of like going to a movie and being the observer.So many events,whether it medical,family friends striving to stay calm leads to mental comfort and a oasis from our illness.

My source of this practise came form Dr>Abraham Low founder of Recovery Inc.I have been a leder in the group since 1994.They have a web site www.lowselfhelpsystems.org.They also have meetings in England as well as Canada and the states

I'm sure PD has much more in store for me but for now I"m pretty content .After all knowing your fate does have it"s positive side,lol.lol

And of course never forget your sense of humour



Hi john947

   Strange as it may seem what you describe sounds just like a symptom I suffer with due to Lewy body dementia , I have a total emotional detachment from events that is a godsend with the negative aspects of my life, however it can also be a problem with all the good aspects as I have no emotional connection with them , it's worse for my partner as she can't tell if I'm connecting with her or any part of our life , now that sounds very much like depression but having still retained my memory of past emotional responses , this is a symptom of my illness ,

   It is like living in a permanent emotional plain almost zen like , it would be like autism as I can still "sense emotional events I don't have an emotional response myself,

   How bizarre    Live well.  Cc