Pedal for Parkinson's

I know that regular daily exercise and stretching makes me feel better and it actually reduces my symptoms. There is medical evidence to support this theory. I also know that a positive attitude also makes you feel better. So does having something to look forward to. The problem with PD is that we know we have a degenerative illness, so we know we are going to get worse, so the future may not be bright so it's hard to stay positive. This is the self-fulfilling spiralling formula to decline and disaster. Exercise is the key. The bright future is the belief that there will be a cure. Research is in its end game phase.For those of you who can, why don't you get on your bike and pedal to fund a cure. For those who can't pedal, find me someone who can pedal on your behalf. To find out more go to

Totally agree.

Good luck for the rest of your 1164 mile journey