Hello my mum is currently in hospital after a diagnosis back mid March (went in with an infection) she has since been told she’s unable to swallow correctly and advised against risk feeding after 2 choking incidents in hospital (we never knew this was an issue before) they have had her on an NG tube and now would like to use a PEG tube for her. We are at a loss to what is best for her , my mum is so fed up in hospital and end outcome is to have her back home. She’s desperate to eat but we realise how serious the risk of food getting into her lungs is . Can anyone advise about the PEG tube please for Parkinson’s patients ?

Hi Dee83,

We’re sorry to hear about the difficulties your mum is going through. Some of our members will surely respond to you soon with their experiences.
In the meantime, there is some information here about the PEG tube:
Please look under the Eating and Swallowing Difficulties section, Tube Feeding.
We hope this helps, if you need more advice or would like to talk to someone you can also call our Helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
Moderation Team

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