People come into your life and some people go


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with a lady whom has only recently joined our forum. 

She was so excited about meeting me I felt like some sort of a celebrity of course I know I am not.

My point being we had a lovely few hours just sitting and talking just because we have PD in common, some times I have found my having PD seems to make some so called friends do a swift disappearing act I also know why, we all know MJFox was dx at 29 but he is out of site therefore out of mind I however am a walking talking advert that this can and does effect anyone.

Some people go some stay the real good friends stay and stay and stay..........................

The lovely lady I met is Zoe and I think she is a stayer.


BB xx




Hi Bettyblue

To my celebrity friend, thanks for a great day yesterday, i enjoyed every minute and it was great to meet up with you.

You are also a lovely lady and i hope to keep in touch.

                                              Zo xxx


We will hun xx

I have just had a lovely few days in Bristol with Dawn the friend who wrote the artical about me. These are the sort of people we need in our lives, Dawn also has PD. We are very different people in so many ways and yet we have a common link, I would rather have one special friend like Dawn that a thousand of the non stayers. I have found people often let you down after dx friends whom I thought were special have proven to not be. As far as i am concerned anyone whom cannot stand the pace then leave now I really don't need the emotional baggage others bring when it is a battle to look after myself, that does not mean I can't or won't help with their problems. I do in exactly the same way I deal with mine. Straight talking i know off no other way. That's me to a tea, Dawn respects that. I will always be here for her. And Thankyou to her support group branch for making me so welcome.

There is a song by the band called Bread which goes if a picture paints a thousand words then why can't I paint you the words can never show the you I've come to know. This is particularly relevent to me i have grown since my diagnoses although in some respects I am more calm than I was before I can also be difficualt to be around I don't like people telling me what to do and i really dislike people that judge me espically when they do not know me. I also do not like it when people think they know more about our condition than we do one person who fits that description is my sister who is just 3years older that me. Quite frankly she has not got a clue. I am lucky in the sense that those whom are speciale to me respect my straight talking manner those who don't want the truth then it is simple then don't ask my opion. I have what I call my chosen family this is a title i do not give away lightly. When i do the person or person's whom recivie that title know just how important to me they are. There is a quote that every now and then gets sent here there and everywhere which says friendships are either for a reason a season or a lifetime the reason being something has happened in your life that needed that particular person at that time. The season is for a unspecified time someone enters your life and with no fault in either side the season ends and they go. Lucky for me i can count on both hands the lifetime friendships most people are not so lucky. I can not say I am lucky that i was diagnosed with PD but I have found postives can come from this. Those whom you hold close to your ❤ tell them and hug them i do and hugs will always be on tap for those people in my life that i love. So if a picture paints a thousand words a hug must do the same.