People not understanding others,or their views.Freedom of speech

I post this here under health and wellbeing,because it would be nice if people could understand the emotional turmoil that pd,meds and other associative problems,have on individuals.
We are all different.Each may have problems within problems,either associated or not associated with Parkinsons.
I was kicked off another site a while back for apparently upsetting people with dark poetry and views.A certain member on there read things into the poetry which he thought was directed at him.This was nonsense.Nothing was aimed at him at all.It was suggested that a driving factor was a problem with myself and the DA's.However,I was verbally abused by a couple of members on there also.Who turned nasty and seemed to be part of a clique.
I was eventually re-instated and am no longer on DA's.Apperently those in power decided from reading posts on here that I was suitable to return.Within these last few weeks,things have been fine.I have some "out there"views,but am not abusive.
Yet last night,an out of the Blue attack occurred again,by a member there who has had it in for me for a long time.She posted a torrent of abuse also.She called me a Twa*.Said I was a fraud,amongst countless other nasty things.Also in the chat room,which I showed to another member on here.What for me being real,expressing how I feel in myself.A fraud,I am who I am,say how I really feel.Is it any wonder I fear posting much anymore.To call me a Twa*,how personal can you get,bet she is still there though,one of the "in crowd".How can people hurt other peoples feelings this way,with no explaination.
I go to go on this morning.My account is de-activated again.Along with another member ,also on here,who haden,t even posted in the last few weeks.How can people abuse others feelings in this way.I think it is sickening.It makes me further lose faith in the world.Especially from a site which is supposed to be there to help people.Where views can be aired and chat/discussion indulged in.Maybe they did not like my reasons for my latest Tattoo.Did it upset people.Did they not like the image.I have other happy family images on there.Well,there is no explaination again,so I am in the dark.
Support for those not well,some sites can destroy people,yet have no conscience.Is it any wonder I have lost hope.Bullying still goes on,it is happenning to me.If you are different,have opposing views,you are trampled down into line.Freedom of speech.If you want that,stay here and stay well clear of this other site and the control freaks that have it in their steely grasps,along with selective pals who get away with treating people like dirt,insignificant,because they happen to be suffering from depression or other issues.
It is so wrong,and they have the cheek to say it's a social site,bringing people with pd together.Yes,but leave behind all other problems connected,depression etc.Because if you are not cheerful and swinging from the rafters,then you are systematically set upon,then extinguished

It seems like some people revert back to some deep rooted primitive pack hunting mentality! I personally think the features/qualities that should underpin a forum like this are understanding, friendship and tolerance, I'm sure you could all add to this list.

Regards Tractorman.

It's good to hear that you find this forum community a safe place to express yourself. We've been a lot and so that is certainly a success. I agree with Tractorman that understanding, friendship and tolerance are inmportant for any community to work.

If you're having problems in another place, the best way to deal with that is there. Even if you're feeling frustrated it won't likely help to solve your problems posting on another forum. If you feel you're being bullied, you need to raise this issue with the person looking after that forum. Especially if friendships and support you've found there are important to you.

I hope it helps,

Cue qt, stage left

thankyou ezinda for that post,i felt uncomphy with wot titan has said about that other forum, which i do no which one.but i do agree that people should not bully others on any forum,ive been the vitum of being bullied and i no how titan must feel.but its correct wot you say ezinda,its for the person in charge of the forum to sort it out ,off the forum ,publics eye,or it gives the forum a bad name,and it not only upsets the person involved it upsets other community members and causes rows between them and conflict.which we dont wont to happin on puk,puk has settled down now from before,and i feel safe and happy on here and i no lot people do to.i hope this thread does not become a bad thread at all,i no people have free speech,and i agree with it to a certain extent.and im very sorry titan this has happined to you,i do feel for you,:smile:

I agree with you all.

A forum requires that all people should be able to say what they want. That means that they are allowed to say say things that you might not agree with, as long as they don't bully, scare or threaten anyone else.

This is a matter of degree. It can only be judged by the community peers. I think the work of the moderators is difficult and thankless. I, personally, disagree with many of their decisions but concede that they are an important part of our community.

Therefore I am sure that, if there has been some nonsense on this forum, it is up to the moderators to sort it out. They are best placed to tell if someone is being unfairly treated.