People scared to have their say

I have spoken to a couple of people and had emails,people are scared to post in case they get banned.I feel it says it all when the thread freedom of speech is closed!!
I have also been in contact with blueeyes,who still doesn't know why he has been permanently suspended.I feel a detailed explanation not just copy paste of terms of forum would be better from moderators(no disrespect). The time both Merve and blueeyes put into writing their posts,because of having parkinsons sometimes hrs to be deleted mins later without being given a reason.Although like I said before I don't see eye to eye with Merve in some things I can see how he got frustratted and posted in more than one thread.
I have thought hard whether to post this or not,I decided I would,not only for me but for others to, who feel the same but scared of getting banned.This forum is a lifeline for many!!!
Take Care Dot xxx

I have started to type my thoughts here twice, and then deleted my thoughts from the page. What is the point in typing what I think if it will be deleted a few minutes later.
No point at all.
There won't be much point in reading posts either if all we are going to get is all one sided.
If I am not confused enough already with this ruddy PD. I then have to try to follow a topic with 50% of it missing.
This must be a joke, some body tell me it is a joke. I think that is enough points for one day, I am beginning to feel a bit spikey.

Hi kvell,
Are you still around?you sound down

i hatre ritin down stuff now,in toominds if even if to bother any more ,just dunna no wot will happin ,its all crazy all of it,im not the briteset spark in the world ,and me rittin is crap,but if i rite somethin ,how do ino my words ant gonna be thought rong ,ijust dunna no wot to do no more about this forum:disappointed:

Congratulations Dotty - your posting has not, as yet, been deleted!
Praps the answer is to post between midnight and 3am, unless the moderators incorporate a night shift.

I am not writing to get at the 'Establishment', but rather to put my own confused mind in some sort of order. At present all sorts of thoughts go rushing through (not helping the stress factor).
My sympathy is with Blueeyes and Merve - for if it is affecting pwp who are not banished, what is it doing to them?

I know Britain is becoming a nanny state, but if we are not allowed to form our own conclusions after listening to both sides of an argument, how are we going to believe what is presented to us as 'Facts'?

Do you believe the results quoted on research projects?

Do you believe that the needs of people with pd are put before lucrative jobs?

Do you believe that drugs firms have no influence on costings?

I just don't know what to believe any more!

Hi Dotty,
I am not too bad as things go, thank you for asking.
It does annoy me though when I start to read some thing only to find that half the pages have been torn out.
No real explanation as to why. Although reading between the lines I can imagine why.
Somebody didn't like what was being said. So the big guys shut the little guys up.
We shouldn't be surprised I suppose, that is what usually happens. That doesn't make it right though.

Just a short retort, like I said on a previous
Thought of the Day, Common Sense seems to have
flown out of the window surely we are past the
year of 1984.:confused::confused:


I know I'm new and haven't been involved (and don't want to be, thanks!), but the moderator just posted an announcement and then closed that thread off quickly before anyone could respond or ask questions. Also blueeyes47 was very insistent that he had broken NO rules, but was still expelled, yet the moderator says here that people are only suspended after making repeated rule breaches. Doesn't seem fair to me. Oh well, I suppose this posting will go too now!

I'm keeping out of it!

maybe someone of parkinsoian decent aka someone cursed with parkinsons should help in moderating the deletion of text and especially the banning of members so there would be a both sides view th things, not offering just thought it migh be a good idea, please dont get me wrong the moderators do a good job but with delicate subjects like ive mentioned could be discussed firstly, hopefully then everyone will be happy
keep safe everyone
parkinsonians in arms !!
welshbearuk aka Hugh

I have read Alex, the new moderator's, post with interest.

Contrary to what is asserted in Alex's post I should like to make it absolutely clear that I have never at any time received any communication that explained why my post was deleted. My post did not break any of the forum's terms and conditions.

We live in a democracy that gives the right of free speech to all. I fully agree that offensive or threatening material should not be posted. I have never posted anything of that nature.

The extraordinary behaviour of the PDS in trying to silence any voice that questions their absolute authority is becoming self-defeating. It is now a talking point in the charity sector as a whole - with the PDS being held up by the editor of the online charity sector journal Third Sector as an example of how not to manage social media.

If this post is deleted I shall copy it to her.


Well done Dotty. I entirely agree with you. I know that when I have posted recently I have expected to have them deleted & I am very wary of posting at all now.

Well done Dotty. I entirely agree with you. I know that when I have posted recently I have expected to have them deleted & I am very wary of posting at all now.

Whoops, Sorry, fingers hit the button twice,

I'm worried about bracking the rules. I feel i have gone close and i'm being watched. I'm trying hard to be carefull. Say one more

The proposed conciliation would give everyone a clean sheet.

Perhaps the forum should be split into two moderated (for those of a delicate disposition - no offence meant) and one left to run it's course and allow freedom of speech. That way, those that dont enjoy heated debate, differences of opinion could just avoid reading the unmoderated area of the forum. Personally, i quite enjoy reading the bantering and bickering that goes on. Often makes me laugh! Obviously if someone is really offensive then I think, 'oh that's not nice' but also accept that people affected by PD have bad days, grumpy days, days when they need a good row....what's wrong with that?
To quote Liz from Admin ''The forum and website will continue to be here 24/7 for people affected by Parkinson's wherever they are in the world.''
That just doesnt seem to be the case.
Just a thought
Wonder which area of the forum would get the most viewings. :wink:

PS: and i really do think that all those banned should be allowed a fresh start. They need this forum as much as anyone else (perhaps more in some cases) and have valuable points/advice to give.

i am beginning to think that this forum is a waste of time becuse every time anyone expresses something that someone else doesnt agree with it iss either dleted or ignored, I have posted twice on this site recently and both postings have dissappearred after a few hours nad I dont know why, at least the last moderator appearred to be fair and gave reasons for her actions.

This is supposed to be a support group but is becoming a lynch group ( is that how you spell it??).

How many of the administrators have the problems that we have on a daily basis???

I have always had a lot of respect for the PDS. I think we all do.
I used to have a lot of respect for the British Banking system, but the respect for the latter has disappeared as far as I am concerned.I am not saying the PDS are the same. But really, if you can't trust your bank, who can you trust.
If you don't know the right questions to ask, they will tell what they want you to know.
Even when the right questions were asked, the answers were often economical with the truth.

I can understand the PDS being upset if their policies are being questioned, if that is what was suggested, but gagging the people who were asking them has solved nothing.
Where is there to go if we trust no one, it would be a sad life to be sure.
I will continue to have faith in the PDS, but it can no longer be blind faith.
Sorry PDS, that is the best I can do for anyone now.
I can't type any more for now, I am shaking to much.

Come on PDS, reinstate the banished, wipe all slates clean, stop deleting and editing anti-establishment posts and let's start again. Otherwise our common cause is being done a great disservice.