Does anyone have any views on these two questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.

When it's nighttime/darkness it feels as though everything is further away and dimmer than it used to be- as if I'm looking down the wrong end of a telescope. I also feel this a bit during the daytime. I can feel the difference between pre/post Parkinsons diagnosis. Is this something I just have to get used to or can it be improved in any way?

When I think negative thoughts, especially when I'm in bed/half awake trying to summon up motivation to get going, I feel this very powerful sinking feeling in my stomach, and limbs that is incredibly depressing- it's as if a 'deadness' spreads over my body- like nothing I ever experienced before PD. It saps me of every positive impulse I can think or feel and feels 'un-come-back-from-able' in my ability to shake it off. Is this something that others have experienced and is it part and parcel of PD or might it be meds?
I'm on Simemet 25/100 four times a day and diagnosed 9 months ago aged 38.