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My head of department has given the whole command a set time target for our calls. This has not been adjusted in any way and I am expected to cut 5 minutes off my handling time to meet the target. Am I right in thinking that this contravenes the equality act, as it puts me automatically at a disadvantage due to my Parkinsons?

Your disability falls under the equality act 2010. Are you in a union? I know Parkinson’s uk have people on the helpline that can advise you with these things also. What I would do, if I were you, is think what you would class as reasonable adjustments to help you continue working, in your example it would be keeping the current time limits for calls or even extending your time allocated, maybe less calls per day, extra breaks for stretching or moving etc, you know your limits and what would make working easier. Put this in writing to your line manager and HR and leave it for them to respond to ( keep a copy of all correspondence). It would take a brave (or stupid) HR department to turn down anything that a tribunal would look at as reasonable. Good luck, don’t let it get you stressed, ring Parkinson uk and see what they advise you could put forward as reasonable adjustments.

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Hi as DB123 has replied your condition is covered under the Disability and Equality Act. You write the whole command has been given a set time and just asking have you shared with your employer your disability? I would expect if you have that you would have had a discussion surround any workplace adjustments that can be made to support your condition including additonal time to complete tasks, rest breaks, any systems that can be supported to fulfil your role? Would also ask with C19 that in the initial lockdown that you would be classed in the CV category and therefore have a risk assessment in place? Does your employer offer a flexible working policy?

Thanks or the responses. The answers to your question in order are
Yes, everyone is aware
Adjustment have been made on equipment and work targets used to be adjusted
Post lockdown was a blanket order that everyone had to return for one day per week into the office. No Exceptions would be granted

I presented section 19 to my line manager, only to find the review had been removed the day before, still don’t think he understands

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