Periods of Tension

Funny thing happened today. My o/h had a fall which caaused quite a severe laceration to her leg. In order to take her to A&E at the local hospital, I called on my neighbours to keep an eye on the house whilst we were away. I found that I had difficulty explaining to them as my voice had altered and I had difficulty forming my words. My tremor had increased a 100% and I had to fight to stop myself bloobing like a child. Funny thing was that doing first aid and speaking to the o/h did not effect me the same was. Anyone out there experienced the same problem ? Is it Mr PD, the medication or am I just going nuts.
its dr P causing the problems, stressfull situations, even minor ones liking getting a bus ticket, can cause your voice to sound like marlene dietriche with tonsilitis. singing helps and you get a seat all to yourself on the bus.
i cry at the drop of a hat, hard explaining to the mrs that it is meaningless and that i am not actually upset, i think the crying is drug related.
Hi Chunky,

2 things,

1. Under stress or excitement, my almost non-existent tremor gets very noticable, and is a b. nuisance.

2. I never cried at anything really, but now a blub at almost anything.

It all kicked off before I was diagnosed and before meds. so it must be Parkies?


hi Mike
pre-meds blubbery is interesting - i always thought it was too much dopamine but perhaps its too little. Very interesting.
three bars of 'gone with the wind' and i'm off - and i hate the film!
Hi T,

I was blubbing over nothing before diagnosis, but I was mis- dignosed for a few years, so have had Parkies for about 6/7 years but meds just under 3 years. Blubbing was one of the clue s apparently, along with me limping along shouting ' the bells, the bells'.!!!!

Before things started to go awry, I could stand just about anything without shedding a tear.


Hi chunky

I`ve had the very same experience - we had a guy insulating our loft and he sliced his hand with a stanley knife. I don`t know who was the most traumatised me or him! i couldn`t speak, couldn`t stop shaking, couldn`t think what to do and wanted to cry! I ended up driving him to hospital (i don`t know how i managed to drive) it all ended ok but i think its part n parcel of pd!

Hi everybody
Thanks for your comments. It'comforting to know that I am not going loopy and that there are others like me out there.
hi chunky,ur not alone,i also do it as well,stress brings the pd out in me,if u see wot i mean ,everything others have rittern above.sorry that ur goin through it also,and aslo everyone else it effects.hugs x:smile: